It’s Cold Outside

By , 2009/12/18 5:20 pm

With some below average temperatures the past several weeks, it’s been too cold and the roads have been too nasty, to get the bug out at all.  I got a cover that fits nice and snug.

Bugzilla under wraps

Bugzilla under wraps

It’s one size larger than what’s supposed to fit a standard beetle, but this one fits nice and tight.  Come on Spring!

New Gallery

By , 2009/12/03 2:07 pm

I’ve put up a bunch of pictures in the Gallery link on the title bar.  The older pictures are fairly small, as I haven’t found the originals yet, but please enjoy what’s here.  I’ll be adding more soon enough.

Site Updated

By , 2009/11/15 12:28 pm

I’ve moved the content from the original site here to the History section so all of the content is still here. The main site address is getting redirected here now too. I’ve also added the Volksworld magazine roof chop article pages and a bunch of links.

New Rear View Mirror

By , 2009/11/11 1:53 pm

I’ve glued the new rear view mirror into place.  It’s tucked up nice and high on the windshield, and actually takes very little away from visibility.  The mirror in my 300C actually blocks more visible area than does this one.  I’ll get some pictures up showing it before too long.

Bugzilla at Home

By , 2009/11/06 4:07 pm
Bugzilla at home in the garage

Bugzilla at home in the garage

After more than a year over at British Sportswerks, the bug is finally at home and driveable.  It’s even legal, it’s got tags and everything.  It still needs the pop-out and rear windows finished and installed, but it’s more than good enough to drive on nice days.  Luckily, we get a lot of those here in Colorado.

I just got a rear view mirror that I need to install, I plan on doing that this weekend.  It’s a nice little 6″ oval billet mirror.  It should hide nicely and keep me from having to crane my neck around to see if anyone’s behind me.

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