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2014 Volkswagens On The Green

By , 2014/05/20 8:43 am

The weeks leading up to this year’s VWotG show in Littleton, CO, were busy to be sure.  First, some engine maintenance due to a broken valve adjuster and general loose valves.  Then an unfortunate bit of fender damage which was quickly and excellently repaired by the guys at Set It Off Paint and Body.

In fact, I picked up Bugzilla the day before the show.  Here’s a glamour shot by Cyklos Photographic, LLC.

Bugzilla at VWotG 2014

Bugzilla at VWotG 2014

Once again a crowd favorite and winner of Best In Class for Custom Bug 68-77!

I cruised down to the show with the guys from the Rare Air Dub Club from the Fort Collins, CO, area.  The cruise was a blast and I think we had 14 cars or more.

Spring 2012

By , 2012/06/11 9:03 am

It’s been a busy year so far and I haven’t updated lately so wanted to at least provide a bit of a bulk update of Bugzilla news.

Volkswagens on the Green was a good show again, another “Best in Class” trophy for 68 and newer custom.

Good Guys, 15th Colorado Nationals, was a good show this year as well.  We even received an award for “Chopped and Dropped” which was a surprise.  Bugzilla was very popular at the show again, drawing lots of smiles and interest.

2011 Volkswagens on the Green

By , 2011/05/31 4:21 pm

This year’s Volkswagens on the Green, the 17th apparently, was great fun. We met a host of new people and had a great day in general. Taking Best in Class (’68 or newer custom) was also nice.

Last year, Best in Show was decided by popular vote and the trophy went to a visiting club ride.  This year, the trophy was voted on by a panel of judges.  A very cherry Ghia received the award but we were definitely in the running.  The judges came back a few times and had to go into full concourse judging mode.  They were crawling around on the ground trying to find things that they could mark the car off for to narrow down their choice.  They said it would be easier if we could point out flaws. 🙂  Congratulations to the Ghia owner for bringing an incredible ride!

New VW Beetle Profile Looks Familiar

By , 2011/02/04 11:23 am

I just saw the VW “teaser” commercial for the new Beetle and the profile they hit at at the end looks sort of familiar.  I thought I’d share it here to see what folks thought.  I think I like it, plus it’s a typically good VW commercial. 🙂

Volkswagen Commercial: Black Beetle

Parking Buddies

By , 2010/08/17 7:32 pm

I was out tooling around this weekend and stopped for a bit next to another white Beetle.

Parking buddies.

Trouble-shooting the Fuel Pump

By , 2010/06/11 10:42 am

Shawn and I spent a couple hours last night trouble-shooting a weird fuel pump problem. Three times now, while driving, the engine has become starved of fuel and died. The Facet electrical fuel pump was not heard ticking away under the tank. The first two times this happened, it was revived after reseating the fuse and apparently fiddling with the wires on the back of the fuse block.

We tested the wiring and found that we could manipulate the on/off state by simply pushing the wire around behind the fuse block. At the ‘off’ state, voltage would drop from 11 or so down to 7.5 or lower. We’re going to re-splice the connection behind the fuse block and see if that helps. This was a strange one to track down.

But at least we also identified the horn relay as the hot wire on the steering column so we can work on getting that fixed now too.

Volkswagens On The Green, 2010

By , 2010/05/16 4:35 pm

The bug took Best in Class!

Quarter Window Pop-Out Progress

By , 2010/05/08 11:25 am

The pop-out windows are almost finished.  I took a couple pictures to put on here to give an example of what it’s going to look like. This first one is with just the welting in place, holding the headliner material down so that it doesn’t come unglued.

And here are a couple with the frame for the driver’s side set in with the hinge holding it in place to get an idea for fit.  It looks great!

It’s Almost Spring

By , 2010/03/12 9:42 am

The pop-out window frames are getting worked on and with some luck we should have those and the rear window in place for the spring and summer. I’m planning on taking it out for a spin this weekend as we should have some really nice weather. I want to take a couple pictures also to add here, so stay tuned. This Spring and Summer are looking pretty good for shows also. Volkswagens on the Green, Good Guys, the Old Town car show and Carnage on Larimer are the ones I’m really looking forward to this year.

Recharged Battery

By , 2010/02/15 12:01 pm

There’s a hot connection somewhere, I’m thinking somewhere on the steering column, that likes to suck batteries dry.   I left the trickle-charger unplugged for a couple months and it was so dead that the charger wouldn’t do anything.  A full overnight charge got it happy as a clam.

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