Chapter 09: Short Hiatus

By , 2009/11/12 4:55 pm

You may have noticed that there haven’t been any updates to the story of Bugzilla over the last year. It got pushed to the background due to a multitude of things. But, fear not, it’s next in line to get the body finished and painted and I’ve even finally decided on the color. I had some tests of the eggplant color made and come to find out I really didn’t like it all that much. Then, at the new car show in Denver this year, whilst perusing all the ugly new cars all the manufacturers seem to think the public actually likes, a beautiful color struck me in the eyes at the BMW gallery. Oxford Green Metallic, is the name of it and here’s a picture of a nice little BMW M Coupe wearing it. Nice, huh?

Image borrowed from BMW of North America.

The plan now is to finish up the doors (driver’s side suicide and latches on both), side markers (from a ’96 Passat), rear view mirror (window hanger on driver’s side) and paint. The dash is also going in which is a simple fiberglass cover which will contain only 6 guages total (speedo, tach and friends) with no other accouterments.

After all this it’s time to line up all the stuff to make it go; motor and tranny, wheels and tires, suspension, spindles and front beam. Then a heavy helping of interior: seats and all the trim. I’m thinking of just a package shelf in the back, no real seats to speak of. I need to test the wiring harness as well, I really don’t know if it’s any good or not.

So, sorry for the lack of updates over the past year. I’m not hiding anything from you, really. I appreciate the emails asking if I’m still alive or if the bug went on a rampage and had to be put down or something. I assure you that you’ll see updates here as soon as they happen. I just need to make them happen more often now.

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